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Colonial Online Learning Academy

Colonial Online Learning Academy (COLA)

The Colonial Online Learning Academy (COLA) Cyber Program through a partnership with Seneca Valley is a 100% online asynchronous program where children are able to choose the path, pace, and place of their learning. They are supported by Albert Gallatin Area School District educators through digital communications via Google Hangouts, emails, and phone calls.

Students enrolled in COLA may participate in all school-related programs and extra-curricular activities. We are proud to offer this in-house cyber program without additional burden on the taxpayers. 


  • COLA is an ideal option for any student seeking a complete online experience. Students will access pre-recorded lectures and digital curriculum materials through the platform Edgenuity. Edgenuity is aligned to PA Department of Education Standards.
  • Students will log into the Compass/Edgenuity Student Login (links below).
Students will use their Albert Gallatin username and passwords to log on.
  • Edgenuity is not a “live” program. Students will not “attend” class at a set time. Students can log on at any time during the day. Students can log on more than once during the day and work ahead if they desire. The students entire nine weeks work is loaded, allowing them the opportunity to work ahead.
  • Albert Gallatin Area School District teachers will monitor online activity, communicate with students and parents and provide assistance when needed. However, they do not provide direct instruction. Students can receive help from their teachers in various ways. This can be done with a phone call, an email, a google meet or a face to face if needed. Our goal is for our COLA students to be successful.
  • Please know that your child can still participate in all school activities and functions.  Students can participate in sports, musical and any other district function.
  • COLA students will still have access to their guidance counselors. They will still help students choose their classes as well as making sure all credits requirements are met.
  • COLA students will graduate with an Albert Gallatin Area School District diploma and participate in commencement ceremonies with their graduating class.

Compass Learning Presentation (K-4)

Edgenuity Presentation (5-12)