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Friendship Hill Elementary School

Chromebook Info

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events for the rest of the school year (Please keep in mind some events are weather permitted and may need to be rescheduled) : 
May 12                 Fort Necessity Trip for grade 4
May 17                 Hovatter’s Wildlife Zoo Trip for LSS
May 17                 Talent Show Practice                      2:00 PM
May 18                 5th Grade Celebration
May 19                 Spring Musical K, 2 and 4              Doors open at 1:15 and the show starts at 1:30
May 22                 Talent Show Practice                      9:30        Performance 2:00 PM
May 23                 Triple B Farm Grade 2 & 3 Field Trip
May 24                 Track and Field Day
May 25                 Fun Day
May 26                 5th grade visit to South                   Time      TBA
May 30                 Senior Walk                                        Time      TBA
May 30                 Elementary Picnic                             (Kickball, wiffleball, or other fun activities)
May 30                 Last day for Kindergarten
May 31                 5th Grade Graduation                     10:00 AM
June 1                   Kindergarten Screenings

May Calendar

Breakfast and Lunch Calendar







Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Happy Administrative Professionals Day to Miss Sandy! Thank you for everything you do for not only the faculty and staff, but for the students too! 

Student of the Month Winners

Ms. Potkul's Homeroom: Calyx Aldrich
Mrs. Dennis' Homeroom: Isaiah Hamm
Mrs. Conn's Homeroom: Makenna Lennen
Mrs. Myers' Homeroom: Brooke Lehman
Mrs. Jobes' Homeroom: Allan (Jake) Cottrell
Mrs. Moats' Homeroom: Gavin Holmes
Mrs. Bricker's Homeroom: Malonia Johnson
Mrs. Daniels' Homeroom: Kenzie Plum
Mrs. Stoffa's Homeroom: Jessika Lawson
Ms. Winkler's Homeroom: Aleah Keith
Mr. Dirda's Homeroom: Kyleigh West

Ms. Potkul's Homeroom: Renly Toth
Mrs. Warner's Homeroom: Theo Judy
Mrs. Dennis' Homeroom: Kayli Mitchell
Mrs. Conn's Homeroom: Abri Phillips
Mrs. Myers' Homeroom: Brenden Valentine
Mrs. Jobes' Homeroom: Meadow Reaggle
Mrs. Moats' Homeroom: David Freeman
Mrs. Bricker's Homeroom: Nora Callahan
Mrs. Daniels' Homeroom: Tyler Skidmore
Mrs. Stoffa's Homeroom: Brantly Casper
Ms. Winkler's Homeroom: Landon Dindl
Mr. Dirda's Homeroom: Brooklyn Leadbeater

Ms. Potkul's Homeroom: Tessa Ardery
Mrs. Warner's Homeroom: Abigail Valentine
Mrs. Dennis' Homeroom: Eli Grimm
Mrs. Conn's Homeroom: Hugh DeVault
Mrs. Myers' Homeroom: Aubrey McCormick
Mrs. Jobes' Homeroom: James Rizer
Mrs. Moats' Homeroom: Aliyah Smith
Mrs. Bricker's Homeroom: Charlotte Smith
Mrs. Daniels' Homeroom: Brodee Chambers
Mrs. Stoffa's Homeroom: Ava West
Ms. Winkler's Homeroom: Sylvia Plum
Mr. Dirda's Homeroom: Rhyleah Lincoln

Ms. Potkul's Homeroom: Greyson Holmes
Mrs. Warner's Homeroom: Laceton Shipp
Mrs. Dennis' Homeroom: Lydia Brooks
Mrs. Conn's Homeroom: Kayhos Shipp
Mrs. Myers' Homeroom: Kenzie Smith
Mrs. Jobes' Homeroom: Gunner Loring
Mrs. Moats' Homeroom: Marley O'Connell
Mrs. Bricker's Homeroom: Neveah Brewster
Mrs. Daniels' Homeroom: Nicholas Buncic
Mrs. Stoffa's Homeroom: Raymond Buncic
Ms. Winkler's Homeroom: Ryleigh Casper
Mr. Dirda's Homeroom: Macey Rua

Ms. Potkul's Homeroom: Kaiden Mihalko
Mrs. Warner's Homeroom: Avery Tarr
Mrs. Dennis' Homeroom: Beau Edgell
Mrs. Conn's Homeroom: Ty Yeager
Mrs. Myers' Homeroom: Brenden Valentine
Mrs. Jobes' Homeroom: Ben Kurilla
Mrs. Moats' Homeroom: McKenna Shriver
Mrs. Bricker's Homeroom: Sophia Oswald
Mrs. Daniels' Homeroom: Kassandra Garcia
Mrs. Stoffa's Homeroom: Emme Tarr
Ms. Winkler's Homeroom: Wesley Sisler
Mr. Dirda's Homeroom: Connor Adams

Ms. Potkul's Homeroom: Ashton Boyce
Mrs. Warner's Homeroom: Isaiah Kurilla
Mrs. Dennis' Homeroom: Sarah Plum
Mrs. Conn's Homeroom: Delaney Dillow
Mrs. Myers' Homeroom: Jaycee Foster
Mrs. Jobes' Homeroom: Brantley Brown
Mrs. Moats' Homeroom: Brandon Harrelson
Mrs. Bricker's Homeroom: Ally Murray
Mrs. Daniels' Homeroom: Clarke Daniels
Mrs. Stoffa's Homeroom: Mazie Clark
Ms. Winkler's Homeroom: Clinton Takovich
Mr. Dirda's Homeroom: Carsyn Chipps

Ms. Potkul's Homeroom: Bailey Sisler
Mrs. Warner's Homeroom: Carlee Smith
Mrs. Dennis' Homeroom: Alyssa Balsinger
Mrs. Conn's Homeroom: Colt White
Mrs. Myers' Homeroom: Mila Hubeaut
Mrs. Jobes' Homeroom: Jarrett Warner
Mrs. Moats' Homeroom: Brayden Bolden
Mrs. Bricker's Homeroom: Mason Phillips
Mrs. Daniels' Homeroom: Oakley Lehman
Mrs. Stoffa's Homeroom: Dontae Kohrman
Ms. Winkler's Homeroom: Meila Holmes
Mr. Dirda's Homeroom: Ellie Callahan

Ms. Potkul's Homeroom: Jackson Cunningham
Mrs. Warner's Homeroom: Hannah Balsinger
Mrs. Dennis' Homeroom: Aiden Cottrell
Mrs. Conn's Homeroom: Ava Smith
Mrs. Myers' Homeroom: Colton Boyce
Mrs. Jobes' Homeroom: Jordan Rizer
Mrs. Moats' Homeroom: Marleigh Williams
Mrs. Bricker's Homeroom: Charles Smith
Mrs. Daniels' Homeroom: Paityn Warner
Mrs. Stoffa's Homeroom: Joylyn Bankhead
Ms. Winkler's Homeroom: Jazmin Elli
Mr. Dirda's Homeroom: Riley Yeager

Homeroom Attendance Winners

Homeroom Attendance Winner for September: Mrs. Jobes' 2nd Grade Homeroom! The two girls in front with the trophy, Paige Hughes and Meadow Reaggle, had perfect attendance for the month of September! Congratulations boys and girls!

Homeroom Attendance Winner for October: Ms. Potkul's Kindergarten Homeroom! Congratulations boys and girls!

Homeroom Attendance Winner for November: Mrs. Daniels' 4th Grade Homeroom! Congratulations boys and girls!

Homeroom Attendance Winner for December: Mrs. Myers' 2nd Grade Homeroom! Congratulations boys and girls!

Homeroom Attendance Winner for January: Mrs. Daniels' 4th Grade Homeroom with 95.5% attendance!      Congratulations boys and girls!

Homeroom Attendance Winner for February: Mrs. Daniels' 4th Grade Homeroom with 96% attendance!         Congratulations boys and girls!

Homeroom Attendance Winner for March: Ms. Potkul's Kindergarten Homeroom with 94.7% attendance!         Congratulations boys and girls!

Homeroom Attendance Winner for April: Ms. Potkul's Kindergarten Homeroom with 99.3% attendance!         Congratulations boys and girls!

Congratulations Meila and Gavin!

Meila and Gavin Holmes participated in the 5k race at the Great Allegheny Ohiopyle Marathon Race Festival on 5-6-23 and both won first place in their age division. 

 to them both!

Rainbow of Readers: Basket Winners

Congratulations to the boys and girls who read books to earn tickets to win these cool baskets! Keep reading! *The Rainbow of Readers was largely funded by the Albert Gallatin Education Association! Thank you for your support!


Easter Caught Being "Eggcellent" Basket Winners

The students had an Easter egg hunt throughout the school. If they found an Easter egg, they received a ticket to put in to win a Easter basket. In addition, if any student was caught having "eggcellent" behavior, they received an additional ticket for an additional chance to win! Congratulations to the boys and girls who won and thank you to the student council for sponsoring the event!

Friendship Hill Elementary had a recycling presentation on Monday, April 3, 2023. They learned all about recycling and how they can be a part of keeping our beautiful world clean and safe! A recycling bin will be placed at the school for students to recycle their items.

5th Grade March Madness IXL Competition

Friendship Hill's 5th grade Math teacher, Ms. Winkler, hosted a math competition (Math March Madness on IXL) from March 1st through the 17th. Her students had to compete with one another to correctly answer as many fifth-grade math skill questions as possible. All of the 5th-grade students exceeded high expectations and reached remarkable goals. As a 5th-grade class, they answered 66,230 math questions!! Way to go 5th grade!! 

First picture: Meila Holmes (Grand Champion) She answered 7,463 math questions correctly. Gracelyn Tingler (Runner-Up) She answered 6,649 math questions correctly. Ellie Callahan (3rd Place) She answered 5,752 math questions correctly.  

Second Picture: Top 10 IXL Students: Meila Holmes, Gracelyn Tingler, Ellie Callahan, Landon Dindl, Macey Rua, Rhyleah Lincoln, Ahleah Keith, Giovonni Mapstone, Ryleigh Casper, Brooklyn Leadbeater 



Spirit Day hosted by Student Council!

Friendship Hill's Student Council hosted a School Spirit Day today (3-20-23) to raise funds for the school!
Pictured in the front row, left to right, showing their AG Spirit is Ty Yeager, Brantley Brown, Isaiah Kurilla, and Aubrey McCormick. 
Pictured in the back row, left to right, showing their AG Spirit is Malonia Johnson, Charlotte Smith, Aliyah Smith, Jessika Lawson, Aiden Scott, and Zach Kurilla.

Important Upcoming Events and Dates

Attention Parents & Guardians

Attention Parents & Guardians,
There will no school for students on Friday, February 17, 2023. (Teachers will report for a full day to participate in professional development activities). Also, there will be no school on Monday, February 20, 2023 in observance of President's Day. School will resume on Tuesday, February 21, 2023.

2 hour delay-Friday 2-3-23

AGASD is operating on a 2 hour delay on Friday, February 2, 2023. Report time for students will be 10:40 am instead of 8:40 am. 

2 Hour Delay Schedule

Student Council Representatives

Ms. Winkler's Homeroom: Meila Holmes
Mr. Dirda's Homeroom: Malia Phillips, Ellie Callahan, Macey Rua, Ryleah Lincoln
Mrs. Daniels' Homeroom: Olivia Walters
Mrs. Stoffa's Homeroom: Marlene Peach
Mrs. Moats' Homeroom: Gavin Holmes, Liam McDonough, David Freeman, Marley O' Connell
Mrs. Bricker's Homeroom: Nora Callahan, Gary Ash Phillips
Principal: Mr. Wilson
Sponsor's: Ms. DeCarlo and Ms. Winkler

President: Ellie Callahan
Vice President: Macey Rua
Secretary: Malia Phillips

Student council is hosting a food drive to donate to the local community food bank for Thanksgiving!

2022-2023 Regular Bell Schedule

Friendship Hill Elementary School

2022-2023 Regular Bell Schedule

Report time for students is 8:40 to 9:05 AM.

Instruction begins at 9:15 AM

9:15 – 10:00 Grade 5 Prep

10:00 – 10:45 Grade 4 Prep

10:45 – 11:30 Grade 3 Prep


11:30 -- 12:00 3rd and Kindergarten

12:00 – 12:30 4th and 1st

12:30 – 1:00 5th and 2nd

12:30 – 1:15 Specialist Prep

1:15 – 2:00 Kindergarten Prep

2:00 – 2:45 Grade 1 Prep

2:45 – 3:30 Grade 2 Prep

Dismissal begins at 3:30 for parent pick-up and buses dismiss immediately after parent pick-up.

Link to Christmas Program

Please click on the blue link below to enjoy this year's Christmas Program that Mr. Kendall and the students of Friendship Hill worked very hard to perform for everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Important Information

Updated District Calendar


A Few Words from Mr. Wilson



Canvas and Chromebook Tutorial Videos

There are Chromebook and Canvas tutorial videos that are available on the YouTube website under the Albert Gallatin School District channel.  

Please click the link below:

Upcoming Events


Memorial Day - No School

Mon May 29 2023

AGHS Graduation Ceremony

Mon Jun 5 2023