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Volunteer Clearances

Clearance Info:

PENNSYLVANIA CHILD ABUSE HISTORY CLEARANCE - $8.00 fee charge with credit card online at:

Criminal Record Check – see below of charge with credit card online at: 

NOTE:  On December 1, 2017, the fee for a Criminal History Record Check has increased to $22.00.

FBI link – Apply online or call to register.  Cost is $22.60 fee charge with credit card online.  Pre-register for fingerprint by calling 844-321-2101

Or visit website

ACCESS CODE FOR VOLUNTEER:  1KG6ZJ (School District in State of PA)


FBI Fingerprint clearance information:  IdentiGo does not automatically send us a copy of your FBI fingerprint clearance. Please provide a copy of the Unofficial Copy to our office.  You will get a one-time chance to print your Unofficial Copy when you login to your account after you have been fingerprinted.

You must keep a copy of all your clearances for your own records.  No copies of clearances will be released from our office.

Clearances must be within five (5) years.  Clearances will need resubmitted every five (5) years from date of issue.

*Please note, all fees are subject to change by the state of Pennsylvania.   **Fees are the responsibility of the applicant/employee.