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Employment Clearances

Employment Clearance Information

Employment Clearance Information
Note:  Clearance Reason is for Employment
Child Abuse Clearance – Act 151
Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance – Cost is $13.00 with credit card online at:
(When it ask for a Keystone ID, simply use your email address.)  We need the actual printed certificate.  Note:  You can try to print the clearance as soon as you complete it or login back in after a few days to print it.
Note:  You will be selecting Create Individual Account or if you already have a login you can use that.  Clearances are to be in your name.  
Criminal Record Check Clearance – Act 34
Criminal Record Check – Cost is $22 with credit card online at:  Pennsylvania Access To Criminal History
You are able to print your criminal record check by accessing the site, click on check on the status of your record check and entering in the information they request.
Once you enter it and hit search, then click on the control number and a screen will popup that displays your information, then click Certification Form and it will show up on your screen and hit print and/or save to your computer.
FBI Fingerprint Clearance – Act 114
FBI link – Apply online or call to register. Select Digital Fingerprinting, enter code below and complete information.  Cost is $23.85  with credit card online.  Pre-register for fingerprint by calling 844-321-2101.
Or visit website  Once fingerprinted, please provide me with the UEID number on the transaction form.
Access CODE:  1KG6XN (any School District in state of PA)
There are several locations to select from.  You can select a location nearest you.  We do not automatically receive your results.
You will receive an email within a week to access a link for a one-time chance to print the UNOFFICIAL COPY of your FBI clearance.  
You must keep a copy of all your clearances for your own records.  No copies of clearances will be released from our office.
Clearances are valid for five (5) years from date of issue.
*Please note, all fees are subject to change by the state of Pennsylvania.   **Fees are the responsibility of the applicant/employee.