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Pre-K Readiness

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*Duck Hollow at AG is located in the old D. Ferd Swaney school building*

Our PA Pre-K Counts provides FREE quality pre-school education for children ages 3 and 4 years of age who qualify financially for the program. (Please refer to the poverty guidelines as well as your residing school district's cutoff date for Kindergarten. Your child can only participate in the PKC program for 2 years.) 

Your child will be expected to attend Monday thru Friday from 9am - 3pm. We offer care before 9am and after 3pm for a fee, for families that may need additional care for a fee. We operate on a 180-day schedule just like our local school districts and absences must be accounted for and excuses provided in order to continue enrollment.

Please review the application above and feel free to contact me with any questions that may arise.

Rebecca Belski, Duck Hollow Learning Center
Phone: 724-438-6123  Email: [email protected]

Characteristics for Sucess in School

  1. They love to learn.
  2. They ask questions and ask for help.
  3. The children work hard and know that their efforts matter.
  4. They are well developed socially and emotionally.
  5. They are good at assessing their own skills.
  6. Their parents are role models for learning.
  7. The children's parents promote learning by teaching naturally at home.
  8. Their family routines support doing well in school.
  9. The children's parents are effective at setting and maintaining appropriate limits.
  10. The children's schools have high expectations for student achievement and they support professional development of staff.

Essentials to Promote Learning

  1. Encourage the child to explore and make choices.
  2. Mentor the child by teaching with love and appreciation for the child's individually.
  3. Celebrate the child's accomplishments.
  4. Rehearse and extend new skills.
  5. Protect the child from neglect, inappropriate disapproval, teasing, and harsh punishment.
  6. Provide a rich language environment.
  7. Guide and limit the child's behavior to promote positive outcomes.