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AGASD 1:1 Chromebook Initiative

Every child in the Albert Gallatin Area School District is given a District issued Chromebook device to use for educational purposes throughout the school year. Each child is also issued a District-managed Google account (used for device login and email communication).


AGASD Insurance Protection Plan (IPP)

Please read this entire document to determine if this program is needed for you and your child’s protection against damage of the loaned Chromebook equipment in your care. Please refer to the Incident Assessment Chart to see how the whole plan, associated potential charges, and incident reporting work.
The Administration will review all damages determined to be from misuse or negligence and will assess
the student’s continued privilege of taking the Chromebook to and from School. It will be the right of the
School Administrators and designees to determine if damages were due to negligence or accidental. 
Coverage and Benefit
This agreement covers the Chromebook loaned to the student against some incidents of accidental damage. 
The following items are NOT covered:
1. A Chromebook that is lost or stolen.
2. Damage caused by negligence, neglect such as leaving it outside or in an automobile, immersion in
liquid, any type of damage by food or drink, caused by pets, rough handling, excessive sliding across
rough surfaces, or using the device as a “skid.”
3. Intentional misuse of one’s own or a peer’s device.
4. More than one accidental incident, including more than one broken screen or accessories.
Effective and Expiration Dates
Insurance overage is effective from the date this required form and premium payment are received by the School for one (1) calendar year (365 days). 
IPP Premium Cost

The total premium cost is $30.00 for EACH calendar year period. Partial semesters/years are not refundable.
It is agreed and understood that:
- The IPP is offered to all students.
- Participation in the IPP is totally voluntary.
- A separate signed application will be needed for each Chromebook covered.
Disclaimer: It will be the right of the building principal or his/her designee to determine if damages
were due to negligence or accidental.