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Classroom Monitor


Do you have 60 College credits from a PA college/university 
3 years’ experience as a paraprofessional in the classroom 
are at least 25 years of age?
 If so, Albert Gallatin Area School District is looking for YOU to become a Classroom Monitor!
  • As a certified classroom monitor, you will oversee classrooms but are not allowed to instruct students, grade assignments, or create work.   
  • Sign-up for this FREE Online Act 91 Classroom Monitor Course to become a certified classroom monitor!   Access this course on the IU1 EVOLVE website at: Act 91: Classroom Monitor, Classroom Management, and Behavior Strategies | IU1 Evolve;
  • The IU1 Classroom Monitor course covers: 
    • Background of ACT 91 
    • Classroom management skills and strategies 
    • Understanding district policies and procedures 
    • Behavior strategies and interventions
  • To complete the course, view the full video recording on EVOLVE.  
  • At the end of the video, complete the assessment and reflection Google link to receive your certificate from IU1 to be a Classroom Monitor. 
  • Then, take your IU1 certificate and apply to PDE for an official classroom monitor certification through the PDE TIMS system.
  • Complete all pre-employment requirements with Albert Gallatin, background clearances and application.