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The Albert Gallatin Area School District’s End of Year Parent-Teacher Conference Day has been scheduled for the afternoon of Thursday, April 6, 2023.  There will be an early dismissal for ALL students in grades K-12.
        Dismissal will be as follows:
    High School                                                     11:00 AM
    Middle Schools                                                11:45 AM
                        Elementary Schools                                        12:30 PM                    

Curriculum Overview

Grading Policy

Although each teacher may have his or her own method of evaluating student progress, this much is sure; education is not a passive process. Knowledge must be sought after diligently. Students must be actively involved in the educational process. Consequently, students must adhere to the following classroom regulations:

1. Be on time.
2. Have the necessary equipment.
3. Use time wisely.
4. Do what one is capable of doing.
5. Strive to succeed.

The school term is divided into four reporting periods of nine weeks each. Report cards are prepared and given to each student at the close of each of these periods. A student doing failing work by the 30th and 120th day of school will be notified by mail.

The marking system used in the Albert Gallatin Area Schools is:

A 100 - 93%
A- 92 - 90%
B+ 89 - 87%
B 86 - 83%
B- 82 - 80%
C+ 79 - 77%
C 76 - 73%
C- 72 - 70%
D+ 69 - 67%
D 66 - 60%
F 59 - 50%
I Incomplete

Honor Roll Requirements

Highest Honors 4.0
High Honors 3.70 to 3.99
Honors 3.00 to 3.69