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Complaint Procedures

Complaint Procedures



Complaint Resolution Process for NCLB Programs – Title I
Albert Gallatin Area School District 2625 Morgantown Road
Uniontown, PA 15401

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001(NCLB) legislation requires Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to adopt written procedures for “receiving and resolving any complaint alleging violations of the law in
administration of programs.” In accordance with this legislative requirement, the Albert Gallatin Area School District has adopted the following procedures.


A “complaint” is a written, signed statement filed by an individual or an organization. It must include:
  1. A statement that PDE or a Local Educational Agency has violated a requirement of federal statue or regulations which apply to programs under the No Child Left Behind Act.
  2. The facts on which the statement is based.
  1. Information on any discussions, meetings, or correspondence with PDE or the LEA regarding the complaint.

Local Complaint Procedures

  1. Referral – Complaints against the Albert Gallatin Area School District will be received in writing by the Federal Programs Coordinator.
  2. Acknowledgement – The Federal Programs Coordinator will acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing.
  3. Investigation – The Federal Programs Coordinator will thoroughly investigate the complaint and attempt to resolve the complaint informally. If an informal resolution satisfactory to the complainant is reached, no further investigation or action by the District is required. If the problem cannot be informally resolved, it will be referred to the District Superintendent.
  4. Opportunity to Present Evidence – The District Superintendent may, in his or her discretion, provide for the complainant and/or the complainant’s representative to present evidence. Such a presentation may include the opportunity for each side to question parties to the dispute and any of their witnesses.
  5.  Report and Recommended Resolution – Once the District Superintendent has finished further investigation and taking of evidence, he or she will prepare a final report with a recommendation for resolving the complaint. The final report will give the name of the party bringing the complaint, the nature of the complaint, a summary of the investigation, the recommended resolution, and the reasons for the recommendation. The District Superintendent will issue the report to the complainant, complainant’s representative, and Federal Programs Coordinator.
  6.  Right to Appeal – In appropriate cases, the complainant may appeal from the recommended resolution to the Secretary of the Education of the Commonwealth.
  7.  Follow-Up – The Federal Programs Coordinator will insure that the resolution of the complaint is implemented.
  8.  Time Limit – The period between Albert Gallatin Area School District’s receipt of a complaint and its resolution shall not exceed sixty (60) calendar days.

Filing a Complaint

Complaints should be addressed as follows:
Mrs. Lara Bezjak                                                            Ms. Susan McCrone
Federal Programs Coordinator                                      Chief
Albert Gallatin Area School District                                Division of Federal Programs
2626 Morgantown Road                                                 Pennsylvania Department of Education
Uniontown, PA 15401                                                     333 Market Street, 7th Floor Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333

Mr. Christopher Pegg District Superintendent
2625 Morgantown Road
Uniontown, PA 15401