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Athletic Facilities

AGHS Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Cross Country, Track and Field, Soccer and Softball Facilities

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1119 Township Drive
Uniontown, PA 15401

Phone 724-564-9050
Fax 724-564-1440


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The mission of the Albert Gallatin Area School District is to achieve educational excellence for all students.

Albert Gallatin Baseball Field (Masontown/German Park)

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Masontown/German Park
Virginia Ave.
Masontown, PA 15461

Albert Gallatin Golf Facility (Duck Hollow G.C.)

Embedded Image for:  (2015625115459633_image.jpg) Duck Hollow Golf Club
374 Duck Hollow Road
Uniontown, PA 15401

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North Middle School

Embedded Image for:  (2015625115545354_image.jpg) 113 College Avenue McClellandtown, PA 15458
Phone: 724-737-5423
Fax: 724-737-5312

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South Middle School

Embedded Image for:  (201562511576687_image.jpg) 224 New Geneva Road
Point Marion, PA 15474
Phone: 724-725-5241
Fax: 724-725-5242

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