Early Dismissal / Parent Conferences
Starting 4/6/2023
Event Groups:
• Albert Gallatin Area School District - District Events
The Albert Gallatin Area School District’s End of Year Parent-Teacher Conference Day has been scheduled for the afternoon of Thursday, April 6, 2023.  There will be an early dismissal for all students in grades K-12.
***For this particular conference, teachers will be extending special invitations to the parents of students that are at risk academically and/or potentially failing for the year only. You will receive a phone call, email, or some form of communication from your child’s teacher to schedule a time for your visit.
            If you do not receive an invitation but feel that there is still a need to visit with your child’s teacher, please call the school to arrange for a conference.
            Students will report to school at the regular time, Thursday, April 6, 2023. Dismissal will be as follows:
                        High School                                                     11:00 AM
                        Middle Schools                                                11:45 AM
                        Elementary Schools                                         12:30 PM                     
***Please be reminded that this is also the beginning of Easter Break for students.  Students do not report back to school until Tuesday, April 11th.