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2021 Parental Review of PSSA/Keystone Request for Exclusion
Parental Review of PSSA/Keystone Request for Exclusion
In accordance with §4.4 of Chapter 4, parents/guardians reserve the right to review state assessments in the school entity, at least 2 weeks prior to their administration during convenient hours for family members to determine whether the state assessment conflicts with religious belief. 
To protect the validity and integrity of the state assessments, each school entity shall have in place procedures to be followed when parents/guardians request to view any state assessment.  Procedures must be consistent with guidance provided by the Department in its assessment administration instructions. 
The protocol below outlines the procedures to be followed in the Albert Gallatin Area School District:
  • The assessment parent/guardian flyer provides notification of the right to review state assessments and the terms for doing so. (FAQ/Information for Parents or Guardians Letter from PDE)
  • The parent/guardian must contact the building principal to schedule a date and time to view each assessment. The assessments will be available two weeks prior to the testing window.
  • The Principal, Head Teacher, or Guidance Counselor will remain present during this inspection to ensure proper security.
  • Any parent/guardian viewing test materials will be required to sign the Parent Confidentiality Agreement supplied by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to examining test materials.
  • One copy of the signed agreement will be given to the parent/guardian, and another will be kept on file in the school with the School Assessment Coordinator.
  • Parents/guardians will be informed that they may not photocopy, write down, or in any other manner record or share information about any portion of the assessment, including directions.
  • If after reviewing the test, parents/guardians find the test to be in conflict with their religious beliefs and wish their student(s) to be excused from the test, the parents/guardians must provide a written request that states the objection to Mr. Pegg, Superintendent.
  • If the student is excused from the assessment due to parental or guardian request, school personnel must provide an alternative learning environment for the student during the assessment and select “Student’s parent/guardian reviewed the assessment, found it to be in conflict with his/her religious belief, and requested in writing that the student be excluded from participation.”
2021 SPRING PSSA Testing Window
Grades 3-8
May 3, 2021 extending to May 21, 2021
2021 SPRING KEYSTONE Testing Window
Grades 9-11
May 19, 2021 extending to June 2, 2021

Your cooperation in scheduling appointments prior to testing window is appreciated.
The assessments will be available two weeks prior to the testing window.